#ALDUBMostAwaitedDate records 11M tweets

The Twitter hashtag #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate has recorded more than 7.2 million tweets and counting, topping the Worldwide and Philippine Trends, as of 1:50 p.m. on Saturday, September 19, 2015, at the beginning of Kalyeserye of Eat Bulaga and the much-anticipated first date of popular love team AlDub. They broke their own record of more than 6 million tweets recorded last Saturday.
For the past 2 months, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have been kept away from each other, communicating only through split-screen monitors and for lip-synching famous songs, until their first meeting where the star-crossed lovers caught a glimpse of each other and their second meeting where they bumped into each other while wearing a blindfold and then sharing a straw.
Update: 8.3 million tweets as of 2:30 PM. Update 2: 9.1 million tweets as of 2:50 PM. Update 3: 10m+ tweets as of 3:30 PM. TV ratings reportedly at 42+%. Update 4: 11+M tweets as of 6 PM.

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