Claudine Barretto Tell All on Buzz Ng Bayan

Claudine Barretto finally broke her silence and sat down for an exclusive interview with host Boy Abunda aired Sunday, May 11 on “Buzz ng Bayan.” Claudine Barretto called her oldest sister Gretchen Barretto heartless and a liar. Claudine said their latest conflict began back in 2010. Before this tiff, they were also constantly fighting publicly throughout the years.

Claudine Barretto said it all started when Gretchen and Marjorie Barretto sent an ambulance to her house on suspicion of her supposed drug addiction and or mental illness. She said the ambulance came with a pediatrician and 8 men. 

Claudine denied she has a mental illness. She said it was more of mental torture according to her psychiatrist. And if ever, hypothetically she has mental illness, she said it would not be right to treat her bad. Claudine said: “Ganito ba dapat ang ugali ng mga ate? Let’s say, for example, if I’m mentally ill, lalong nakakasira ng ulo 'yung ginagawa nila. Nakadapa na, tatapakan mo pa, duduraan ka pa. Gretchen knows this. She’s heartless,”

Claudine Barretto said she was most hurt by what Gretchen said to her, heard by her then husband Raymart, and their children on speakerphone, that: ‘Wala ka ng career, baboy ka, lechon, wala ka ng power. You will never be back in this industry. ’

Claudine Barretto also did not mince words to her other older sister Marjorie Barretto. She said she is most angry at her for instigating the feud between her and Gretchen. She also felt like she was killed when her sister Marjorie denied her access to her nieces and nephew, one of them is Mirabella star Julia Barretto, but she hopes they don't forget her.

Claudine Barretto was all praises to Julia Barretto however.  “I love her so much, so so much. Siya naman ang susunod sa trono ko. Matagal ko nang sinabi 'yun. I’m so proud of her, Claudine Barretto said.”

Claudine Barretto also claimed that her marriage to Raymart Santiago is fake. She also claimed that she suffered “battered wife syndrome.”

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