Sid Lucero Girlfriend Bea Lao

Sid Lucero Girlfriend is Bea Lao. She is the drummer of the all-girl indie band General Luna. Bea Lao made showbiz headlines when she reportedly had a catfight with Sid Lucero's Amaya co-star Marian Rivera.

Sid Lucero and Bea Lao have been visible together of late, most recently at the MYX Music Awards 2012 held at the Music Museum last March 13, 2012.

One of the reason I guess is to I guess make public their relationship that is why they are now seen together in public at the Myx Music Awards red carpet at that. One of the supposed reason why reportedly Marian Rivera and Bea Lao had a fight was that Marian reportedly did not recognize who she was and was reportedly irked at her.

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