Beyonce Loves Manny Pacquiao

Beyonce loves Manny Pacquiao but not 'like' as in sexual in nature but like as in, she admires him. Beyonce named Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao as one of her favorite sports stars in a recent interview on ESPN. Beyonce in a one-on-one interview with ESPN's Hannah Storm, shown November 25, Thanksgiving Day in the US, said of Manny Pacquiao: "Even Pacquiao, I love him because I really relate to people who were born to do something and gets lost in the moment. When he gets in the ring, he's a beast! I love it! And he shows you can have humility and be a calm person and also be driven when it's time and be a fighter."

In the ESPN interview, Beyonce also named Basketball star Kobe Bryant and Tennis star Serena Williams as her other favorite sports stars. Beyonce's husband, rap star Jay-Z is part owner of the NBA team, New Jersey Nets.

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