Kris Aquino Confronts Mayen Austria

Kris Aquino confronts a female fan of her husband PBA player James Yap over allegations that the girl is flirting with her husband. Mayen Austria, 35 years old, who came from a wealthy background and lives in Valle Verde is said to be the cause of the separation and almost split up of the marriage of Kris Aquino and James Yap in December. Kris Aquino spent about 10 minutes at the gate of the Valle Verde 2 home of Mayen Austria. Allegedly, Kris Aquino shouted insults at the woman and her mother just outside their home. Kris Aquino showed up at the gate of the Austria residence at around 4 p.m. Wednesday, when the family was hosting visitors in their living room, according to a source who declined to be named.

“Mayen went out and saw Aquino, who immediately threw invectives at her,” the source said. Mayen’s mother heard the commotion from inside the house and went out to see her daughter already in tears. “(Aquino) also shouted at her (Minna): Anong klaseng nanay ka? Anong klase ang palaki mo sa anak mo? (What kind of mother are you? What kind of upbringing did you give your child?)” the source said.

Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino's bestfriend, meanwhile narrated what really happened. Kris Aquino first spoke with Austria’s mom about what has been going on in her relationship with Yap.

“She said they almost split up in December and that they were separated for weeks. Kris also told [Austria’s mom] that she is fighting hard for their marriage. She said she really wanted their marriage to work. In the middle of their conversation, (Mayen) arrived and said there was nothing going on between her and James and that they’re just friends,” Abunda said. Kris “spoke in a very low voice” during her conversation with the Austrias.

He also said Mayen was not James Yap’s girlfriend but a fan of his professional basketball team, Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants.

“In all fairness to James, he did not hide from Kris that he was talking with the girl. I think he even used his phone in front of Kris,” Abunda stressed.

“I understood why Kris did it. I would’ve done the same thing. It was unfair to say that Kris quarreled with the girl. She spoke with caution and temperance. It’s just that with what’s happening between them, she thought that if there was a problem, hindi na n’ya palalakihin pa (she won’t blow out it of proportion). She would like to nip it in the bud.”

Kris Aquino was “very cool and polite” during her encounter with Mayen Austria, Yap’s rumored girlfriend.

It would, therefore, be “unfair” to say that Aquino quarreled with a girl over James.

Abunda explained: “Kris was bothered when she heard James talking on the phone with a girl who was crying. She learned from James that the girl was heartbroken and was confiding in him.”

“Kris said that since she was in the neighborhood, she might as well introduce herself to the girl and the girl’s family,” he said.

Aquino also lives in Valle Verde 2 but has reportedly sold her house and is said to be moving out at the end of the month.

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