Mariah Carey Lose Famed Voice

Mariah Carey definitely lost her famed high octave voice. In the Michael Jackson Memorial Service in Staples Center, Mariah Carey (and Trey Lorenz) evidently sang badly and was even out of tune in some verses. Compare that to when she blew us away with her (and Trey Lorenz) version of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" in her MTV Unplugged Album, which was her singing live around 1991 for the then popular MTV show, MTV Unplugged. Oh well, it could be because Mariah Carey is now 40 years old. Some say though that age does not matter in singing, unless you really really get old, as evidenced by Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie, both still very good. Some kibitzers are speculating that Mariah Carey may have lost her famed voice due to, namely, a boob job, a nose job, and God knows what other cosmetic surgery enhancement she went through.

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