Regine Velasquez Sleep through 39th Birthday

Regine Velasquez slept through her 39th Birthday. Is this a sign of old age? LOL. Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez said she spent her entire birthday last April 22 in Joy Ortega's mansion resort in La Union. Regine Velasquez was so relaxed that she fell asleep the entire day and never got to celebrate her 39th birthday (kibitzers say she is already more than 40). Despite it, partner Ogie Alcasid managed to gave her an expensive Chanel bag.

Regine Velasquez is busy promoting her new TV show, a Pinoy Pop Superstar spinoff called "Are You The Next Big Star?". Her co-host for the show is Keempee de Leon. Are You The Next Big Star? will premiere this Saturday, May 16, on GMA 7.

Jennylyn Mercado Bipolar Disorder

Does Jennylyn Mercado have Bipolar Disorder? This is a psychiatric disease that is believed to afflict Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus (?) among the more notable stars. Although the company that she keeps if she really has Bipolar Disorder seems stellar given that Hollywood stars are afflicted mostly, Jennylyn Mercado should not take it as a compliment. Bipolar Disorder is debilitating and disruptive of normal human behaviour. The reason I asked if Jennylyn Mercado has Bipolar Disorder is because of her erratic behavior lately, smacking on being unprofessional by not showing on two scheduled press conferences and TV appearances which would promote her coffee table book and her concert entitled "I Am Woman" which is slated to be held on May 14 at the Music Museum. Her live guesting for Startalk was also cancelled so does her supposed Birthday Presentation in "SOP" by her no-show.

A tipster reported that Jennylyn Mercado and boyfriend Andrei Felix (Studio 23 host) has been seen going to a Sunday Mass last May 10 in a Quezon City church.

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