Dennis Trillo Fit in Gagambino

Dennis Trillo stars in Gagambino, as in ala Spiderman. And since it is a superhero role again for him, Dennis Trillo is wearing a skimpy outfit.. But don't get me wrong, the new fantaserye is for kids! But then again, we can't blame other viewers. Added to that fact is that Polo Ravales is also in Gagambino, and what do you expect from the young actor, expect some as well!

Gagambino is from the creative mind of director Carlo J. Caparas. Gagambino is about the unique friendship between an orphan Bino, played by Dennis Trillo and his faithful friend, a giant spider. Bino will use his newfound powers to fight crime and promote peace and order in the city. Prompting the people, because of his spider-like abilities,to call him the superhero, Gagambino.

Gagambino also stars Raymart Santiago, Katrina Halili, Polo Ravales, Nadine Samonte, Isabel Oli, Glaiza de Castro, Glydel Mercado and Jean Garcia. Supporting cast are Leo Martinez, Benjie Paras, Jennica Garcia, Mart Escudero, Jan Manual and Krissa Mae Arrieta with the special participation of Zoren Legaszpi, John Arcilla, and Bernadette Alysson. Gagambino airs over the time slot left off by Dyesebel which is after Codename: Asero every weekdays.

Photo Credits: ThirstyTrooper

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