Angel Locsin Armpits Commercial

Angel Locsin underarm
Angel Locsin is the newest endorser of Rexona deodorant and in the commercial and print ads for ad campaign, sexy Angel Locsin will show you her silky white underarms courtesy of the leading deodorant brand. The Angel Locsin Rexona ad campaign will not be shown until November yet so consider yourself first in looking at these Angel Locsin underarm photos.
Angel Locsin Armpits
This newest Angel Locsin ad is one of the many commercials/ad campaign she has done over a short period of time among them:

1.Ricky Reyes
2.Posh Colognes
7.CD Jeans
8.Century Tuna
9.Petit Monde
11.Johnson Johnson
14.Hapee Toothpaste
15.Mcdonalds Ice Coat
16.Rubitussin Liquid Gel
17.Head & Shoulders
19.Jag Skinny Jeans
20.Converse Shoes
21.W.L Foods
22.Lotus Ballpen
23.Smart Buddy
24.Belo Medical Group
25.Avon Cosmetics
26.Timex Watches
27.San Mig Coffee 3 in 1
28.Priston Netplay
31.Avon Wish of Happiness
32.New Era Head & Shoulders
33.Jag Black
34.Angel Active
35.Magnolia Health Tea
36.Mcdonalds Summer Colors of Love
37.Avon Wish of Love
38.Avon Berry Collections
39.Myra-E Lotions
40.Cathy Valencia Skin Care
41..Folded & Hung Apparels
42.Guess Eyewear
43.Met Tathione
44.Avon Wish of Peace

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