Judy Ann Santos Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam

Judy Ann Santos
Judy Ann Santos film, “Mag-ingat Ka Sa…Kulam” is Regal Film's featured film in celebration of its 48th Anniversary. “Mag-ingat Ka Sa…Kulam” is a horror flick and is about a married woman played by Judy Ann Santos who starts behaving unpredictably as she recovers from a car accident. It also stars Dennis Trillo, TJ Trinidad, Mart Escudero, Kris Bernal, and Sharlene San Pedro. The film is written and directed by Jun Lana and opens October 1 in theaters nationwide. Regal matriarch Mother Lily, Producer/Owner of Regal Films, actually made a hasty decision to make “Mag-ingat Ka Sa…Kulam” its 48th Anniversary presentation believing in the bankability of Judy Ann Santos giving it only two weeks for promotions before it is shown.

One of the twist in the movie's promo is that Judy Ann Santos has been allegedly duped by ABS-CBN into signing a voucher that says 6 Million Pesos as her talent fee for the controversial Meralco infomercials when she was just actually paid 4 Million Pesos. Okay, no wonder she did the infomercials, 4 Million is 4 Million.

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