Eraserheads Reunion Concert Cancelled

The Eraserheads Reunion Concert has been canceled by Marlboro because the Department Of Health refused to issue a permit. Marlboro, the cigarette maker, is the sponsor of the event and reportedly each Eraserheads band member were paid 1 million pesos for the concert. In my opinion, the intentions of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert are good, to have their countless fans enjoy them perform live together, again in one concert. After all, alot of Pinoys grew up to their songs.

But, and is the major boo boo is why on earth did any of the brains behind the reunion concert let it be sponsored by a cigarette manufacturer. It could have easily gotten all the major (wholesome) companies to sponsor the event. If they are after the money, with all the buzz and hoopla about their reunion concert, do you think any company in the Philippines would not consider a sponsorship?! They would jump at the chance anytime! And the DOH is right about this one, there is a law against such a sponsorship by a company who sells alcohol or cigarettes. period. walang comma!

Plus, at their ages now, the former Eraserheads members should know better. And lest they deny that Marlboro sponsored the event and was not open to the public. Anyone can register for the event on their website provided they show proof they are 18. That was the only requirement.

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