Aiza Seguerra Number One in Singapore

Aiza Seguerra is now an international jazz artists and her debut international album is now available in most of Asia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan. The album is also out now in the Philippines through Star Records. Her international debut album is entitled "Open Arms." "Open Arms" is produced by an international music firm S2S from Singapore and was first released there. "Open Arms" is now number one in Singapore's jazz charts.

Aiza Seguerra in an interview said that although feeling weird, she's really happy now that she's being recognized as an international jazz artist.

"Nakakatuwa ‘yon kahit weird, jazz eh."

Aiza Seguerra said she only had 17 days to record the 10-track album, which features revivals of old hits such as "Open Arms," "Time After Time," "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "At last," "Vincent," "Smooth Operator," "Home," "Journey," and "Longer."

"Home" is the carrier single of her album in the Philippines but Aiza says she really likes the songs "Vincent," "Open Arms" and "Journey."

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