Miley Cyrus does Cyndi Lauper

Miley Cyrus can totally sing, and i mean that. But before you pass judgment on my "excellent musical taste" because you think that only alternative music is cool, think again. I said Miley Cyrus can sing, she has that husky voice, and an actually alternative rock/classic rock feel to it..I do not meant she can sing the Christina Aguilera way. And being just 15, of course, no one expects her to be singing something hardcore, although her scandalous pics are getting pretty hardcore by the minute. I just like it that Miley Cyrus sings things that any one at her age level can totally relate to. And let's leave it at that.

In her recent album release, Breakout, Miley Cyrus unearthed the 80's classic, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Before i listened to it, I was like, This is gonna be a disaster waiting to explode on every little girl’s iPod! But to my surprise the Cyndi Lauper cover is actually good, I love the original too but I like this one a bit better. Amazingly very now. Totally very 2008.

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