Marian Rivera vs. Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin
Or should the billing be Angel Locsin vs. Marian Rivera? Controversial star Marian Rivera replaces Angel Locsin in the new Jag Jeans commercial further weakening whatever star power Angel Locsin still has.

Marian Rivera

Angel Locsin is the previous endorser of the jeans brand at the height of her career. Marian Rivera is branded to be Angel Locsin's replacement in GMA 7 and is said to be in the peak of her career with two back to back no.1 Primetime TV shows.

Marian Rivera replaced Angel Locsin too in "Marimar." Marian Rivera's camp recently accused a fan of Angel Locsin as the one behind the Marian Rivera Nagtaray Video Part 1 and Part 2..

Marian Rivera

The campaign for the jeans brand is called “Sexier and Hotter” with PBB Celebrity Edition Season 2 runner-up Will Devaughn.

When asked why they did not renew Angel Locsin's contract with them, Jag's AVP, Dondi Manlulo said, “We just wanted to have a new face.”

..Aww.. One of the photos courtesy of Pep.ph.

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