Anne Curtis as Dyosa

Anne Curtis as Dyosa. Nope, Anne Curtis is not in the same dyosa glamorous league as Gretchen Barretto or Dawn Zulueta but Dyosa as in Dyosa, a new fantaserye of ABS-CBN. Dyosa's storyline is that Anne Curtis, who lives a normal life as a student and a model, with midgets as parents, suddenly at 18 learned that she is a descendant of Filipino folk legends Mariang Sinukuan and Bernardo Carpio. Dyosa must then choose between fulfilling her destiny to rule the world of the gods or choose the man she loves. Her love interests in the fantaserye are Zanjoe Marudo,Luis Manzano and in real life love(?) Sam Milby.
Anne Curtis
Dyosa ka Anne! 3 ba naman ang leading men. The storyline sounds interesting, i just hope the writers again will not make these cheesy and lousy. Especially since Anne is coming from a blockbuster movie, When Love Begins.

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