Gabby Concepcion is back in the Philippines

Gabby Concepcion
Gabby Concepcion
Gabby Concepcion is back in the Philippines. Photos of Gabby Concepcion in a hotel lobby here. Gabby Concepcion is father of KC Concepcion from the Megastar Sharon Cuneta. Gabby Concepcion is back in the Philippines to attend his father, Rolly Concepcion's birthday on April 4. Plans are also afoot of his movie with GMA Films called " Italy" but GMA Films are puzzled because Gabby Concepcion, although Gabby signed a contract to do the film, "Italy" is shooting in Italy itself.
Gabby Concepcion
Well, i guess in fairness to Gabby, one of the reason i guess is not just to meet up with his father but also to meet his daughter KC Concepcion. For his children's sake, Gabby Concepcion will also like to clear his name here, tainted with several legal implications.

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