Roxanne Guinoo in Cattleya

Roxanne Guinoo will star in Cattleya,the soap replacing Prinsesa Ng Banyera. Cattleya will again be directed by Banyera director Andoy Ranay. Supporting cast are Smokey Manaloto, Arlene Muhlach, Chokoleit, Sid Lucero, Carla Humphries, Erich Gonzales, Matteo Gaudicelli, Pen Medina Marc Abaya and Ara Mina. The series’ former title was “Wild Orchid” then changed to “Wildflower” and now, “Cattleya” without any explanation as to why the title change.

The story of "Cattleya"

"Cattleya" revolves around the story of central character Lea Alegro (Roxanne Guinoo). It begins in the 80s, a time considered to be the peak of horse race betting.

Lea is the daughter of a gambling man named Dennis, (Nonie Buencamino), and his wife Marilyn (Desiree del Valle). Marilyn is actually in love with Mon (Isko Moreno).

When Lea contracts dengue, Dennis finds out that his daughter's blood type does not match his own nor that of Marilyn. This event triggers the changes in Lea's life.

When her mother dies, Lea is left alone in a girls' town. Lea blooms into a beautiful woman, and by herself she will search the truth about her life, her true love and her real self.

Lea's decision to go back to the horse race track would be the start of her long and winding journey of many discoveries and revelations.

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