David Archuleta and his Stage Father

Reports are filtering in that DAVID ARCHULETA's father, JEFF ARCHULETA is a stage dad. Reportedly, he was banned from the set of "Star Search" when 12-year-old David Archuleta competed on the program. The rumors are that Jeff had allegedly harassed a girl named Tiffany who was David's competition in Star Search. Also, When David performed THE BEATLES' "We Can Work It Out," the song where David forgot several lines, allegedly Jeff Archuleta yelled at David during recording for iTunes, he even brought him to tears, he wasn't happy with his son's singing, hence the shaky performance.

Then the latest is that Jeff Archuleta has been banned from rehearsals for American Idol because his intense backstage involvement, think, a complete pain in the ass, he has badgered producers, the band, vocal coaches and even other contestants, these had become a source of concern for American Idol. But what pushed the producers to act and ban Jeff Archuleta was a lyric change on Tuesday's show. Allegedly, despite a warning, Jeff Archuleta insisted on altering "Stand by Me," one of two songs David Archuleta sang on American Idol Tuesday. By adding a verse from Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls," the father incurred additional costs for "American Idol" by paying for royalty rights to the composers of Beautiful Girls. Will Dad Cost David Archuleta an American Idol Title?

In fairness to David and his father, i think that was a great performance and the adding of that verse from Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls made the performance extra memorable. It was just beautiful and appropriate. It was Archuleta's 2nd performance after "Imagine" on Beatles Week that i really really liked.

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