Andy Jose, PBB Teen Edition Plus House Player

Andy Jose, is the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus House Player No. 2. Andy Jose is also known as Andy Guck or Andy Eigenmann. Andy is the daughter of award-winning actress Jacklyn Jose with actor Mark Gil. Andy Jose appears in the daytime soap, 'prinsesa ng Banyera" with Kristine Hermosa.

As a PBB houseplayer number 2, Andy Jose is also known as "Kasabwat ng Bayan" in PBB Teen Edition Plus. Andy will stay in the house for a week or so, depending on Big Brother’s decision.

Andy was accompanied by her mother Jacklyn and her siblings before she finally went inside the Big Brother House.

House Player No. 1 is Farina Runkle also known as " SHY ", controversial here for the Kiss Scandal with Gerald Anderson. Farina Shy Runkle's task in the Big Brother house is to unravel the true character of the teen housemates. Shy reported to Big Brother that she is succeededing in unmasking the female housemates. He said that Andy and Shy must now work hand-in-hand to reveal more of the housemates' characters.

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