Wentworth Miller Cutie

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller is Michael Scofield in the hit television series Prison Break. Wentworth Miller is a graduate of Princeton University with a degree in English Literature, whoa not just eyecandy but brains too. In 1995, Wentworth Miller went to Hollywood to pursue an acting career and landed in small roles, until an appearance in Mariah Carey videos for her hit singles, It's Like That and We Belong Together, 2005's most successful song. Wentworth Miller looks back on those fateful days, "Mariah's an international icon. The two days I spent working on her video did more for my career, gave me more exposure, than anything I'd done before Prison Break. I'm grateful for the opportunity".

Prison Break's pilot was also filmed simultaneously with the Mariah Carey videos, that a special set was constructed on the set of the Mariah Carey videos, so that Miller would be able to work simultaneously on both projects. And the rest is history.

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